Costalamel | Limited edition streetwear clothing made in Barcelona

January 2017

Berlin is cool af

Partying and shooting in Berlin is always a good idea. We were in town visiting Bright and Seek tradeshows so we took advantage for doing some photos. Despite the freezing atmosphere we could manage to get in some abandoned places to have fun with the guys. Pics by An Nguyen.

August 2016

Retro grunge touch

Megan Doherty is a photographer based in UK that gives a special retro grunge touch to hers analogue photography. We find the beauty of photography in the imperfection and the spontaneity of this type of art. You can find out more of hers stuff here . Model: Jess Clayton. Enjoy.

July 2016

Cool kidz by Pamela Rivas

The talented Pamela Rivas was leading the shooting collab with Costalamel this July here in Poble Nou, Barcelona. Here we have the result; cool kidz don’t forget to make some trouble. Models: Ibra, Adri and Anna. Assistant: Ernesto Sampons.

July 2016

Nike x Costalamel collab

Nike Cortez sneaker presentation in collab with Nike, Miss Kleckley & limitEDitions WMNS. The idea was to reunite some girls to create Costalamel looks with the Nike Cortez 80s style. That was the result.

May 2016

The story behind the eyelet

Have you ever noticed that all our creations have a small eyelet on the back? It is one of our brand identity symbols and it’s related to the idea of how to communicate a concept. I read one day that when communicating a concept you should allow people to walk through a path in order to complete the message that you are conveying. You should provide a seed that will then grow up and blossom in their minds. You should suggest what’s happening but to further describe it is to destroy it. [...]


The story behind the eyelet

In that sense, I was always fantasizing that when people would come across the eyelet on the street, they would notice it and it would catch their attention. And when, in another time and place, they would see it again they would ask themselves what kind of brand is it that prefers to use a symbol instead of a name or a logo that comes easier to remember. I believe brands need time to establish. We are always saying that you should let out the kid you have inside, and when you try on a Costalamel tee, this eyelet is the small passage through which we let this kid come out.

April 2016

Cinema mon amour

Here it comes a bunch of films that inspire us in our daily creative routine and that you have to watch before you die. Some are picked up for the photography, some others for the script, for the grunge touch or just because you go mad for jumping through the screen and kiss the girl. Marianne & Ferdinand in Pierrot le fou, Tarantino’s Death Proof, the fuckin’ awesome Kids written by Harmony Korine at the age of 19, young Natalie Portman as Mathilda in Léon le professionnel and The Breakfast Club and John Bender in particular.

March 2016

Berlin getaway

We’ve been shooting the SS16 collection in Berlin and there’s no need to say that Berlin blows up your mind: urban art, concept stores, abandoned spots, skateboarding scene, free minded people…we’ve been partying and shooting pretty much all of the time and it tasted like heaven. Thanks Enzo, An, Julia, Tim, Olivia, Mich and Cindy. Welcome to the Honey People.

March 2016

New Zealand vibes

Sara Guix is a photographer from Barcelona based in New Zealand. We just can’t not love a person who decided to leave everything behind to start a surf trip alongside NZ. During this wonderful voyage she takes time to immortalize the adventure with her 35mm analogue camera. You can follow the stories  here  Welcome to the Honey People Sara.

February 2016

New line release

For the very first time we introduce a resort line as a sneak peak of our SS16 collection release in April. We decided to continue giving form to the Get lost concept; now applied to rounded-bottom patched tees or comfy grey sweaters. Get lost to find yourself.

January 2016

Get lost to find yourself

Maybe traveling has nothing to do with arriving or leaving a place. In the same way, getting lost does not strictly mean to not find the North or the way back home. But getting lost is, definitely, the pill needed when you are looking for something that you still don't really know.

November 2015

Meet Karen Hormigo

When you meet such an artistic talent as Karen Hormigo’s you just need to explain it to the World. And that’s exactly what we are about to do. “Hello World, this is Karen, we are glad you met".

November 2015

November 4th to 7th. Rec.0 Igualada

Rec.0 involves the temporary transformation of an old industrial district, Rec, in Igualada. Twice a year, and for four days only, the former factories are transformed into pop up fashion stores selling top fashion brands. While Rec.0 works for recovering former fashion factories, in Costalamel, by producing everything locally, we work so that they don’t need to do so.

October 2015

FW16 shooting

20.00pm, Sitges shore. Perfect time and sick place. We’re very proud of our last FW16 shooting released last week here in Barcelona. It was a pleasure to work with Gemma, Juan, Susana, Xavi and Jess. Photos by Enzo Iriarte.

October 2015

Art into t-shirts

We are truly enthusiastic about illustration. Hence, our monthly collaborations with both emerging and already world-class illustrators to bring you limited edition t-shirts. Paula Bonet, Ricardo Cavolo, Conrad Roset, Liz Clements, Brosmind, Helen Green, Thani Mara, Naranjalidad or Lara Costafreda already placed their art into our soft cotton t-shirts.

August 2015

Iceland, the land of nowhere

Iceland has a population of 300,000 people while a population of 450,000 sheep, so it seemed to be the perfect place for inspiration. Traveling alone and getting lost is the pill needed when you are looking for something that you still don't really know. Maybe our FW16' collection could be the answer.

July 2015

Proud t-shirt partner of Cruïlla

When people from Cruïlla Barcelona contacted us for making the new t-shirt of the music festival we run out of words. It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to bring our ideas and style into a t-shirt known and bought for so many people. Over 50,000 people passed by our stand. Here you have a preview of some of them. Costalamel loves Cruïlla.

July 2015

Ohlaland SS15' shooting

At a random place between Barcelona and the world Enzo immortalized these beauties. As always, it was only fun and good vibes and cool people. Special thanks to Adri, Juan and Aida. You fuckin' rock it and proved that it's how you wear it that really counts

May 2015

Ohlaland SS15' presentatiom

Our hometown Lleida was the place while Moritz beer and the new collection the highlights. It was rad to introduce for the first time the line in such a wonderful store provided by El Mercat del Pla. Alba Giné helped us with the creative direction and Toni Pontí was thumbing us up with his live music session.

May 2015

Barcelona is 5 minutes to the world

The twisting streets of "el Raval" and "el Gòtic" were the perfect spot for this almost-summer shooting. We love Barcelona because it suddenly brings you the perfect atmosphere to create. Directed by Aran Martínez, the tattoo kid Kevin and the belle Leti were insane in front of the 35mm. It's always a pleasure to work with them. So do with Sílvia, who was helping us with the styling.

February 2015

The Empire of the Sun

Tokyo and Japan tells pretty much about Costalamel. The Japanese culture and mainly their leading way of looking for everything to have a reason to be enchants us. The Natsukashii collection was and will always be a tribute to Japan and the Japanese people.

November 2014

Natsukashii Presentation Party

To present the new FW15' collection we throw a party with a bunch of friends at our showroom. Here are some of the greatest moments we had that night. Thanks for coming. Pics by Aran Martínez.